After Conviction Programs

Victim Impact Panel:  Most courts in New York require a motorist who has been convicted of any alcohol related violation to attend a Victim Impact Panel This is a session program in which people with a DWI conviction will have information given to them from people whose personal lives have been adversely affected due to a person driving while intoxicated. It is a session conducted by people who have either suffered injury themselves or had a member of their family killed or injured by a drunk driver. This session usually takes 2 to 3 hours and costs between $75 and $150, depending on the location.

Drinking Driver Program:  This is a seven session program which convicted drunk drivers attend to be evaluated for alcohol abuse, and educated as to the adverse effects of drinking and driving on the individual and the community. This program is required, and failure to attend could subject the driver to be re-sentenced to a jail term as permitted by the statute. Attendance could make a conditional license available to the motorist. The motorist must pick a day of the week, time of day and location that they can attend for 7 consecutive weeks. This program, as well as the conditional license, has a fee associated with it.

Conditional License:   This is a limited use license which can be used for the motorist to drive to and from work, to the Victim Impact Panel and Drinking Driver Program, as well as driving themselves or members of their family to day care, school and doctor’s appointments. Three hours a week are permitted for personal driving; these hours are specified, and the exact conditions will be detailed when the motorist enrolls in the Drinking Driver Program.

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