A Traffic Ticket? It’s More Than Just a Traffic Ticket

What are some of the consequences when a motorist PLEADS GUILTY to violating the Vehicle and Traffic Law, or is FOUND GUILTY after a trial?

The average driver considers a traffic ticket as a minor annoyance which will go away in time. Few things can be further from the truth. In the short term, a conviction of a traffic violation results in motor vehicle points, ranging from 0 to 11 points, and in the payment of a fine, plus a mandatory surcharge (presently $93 for most violations). Please see the following Schedule of Points as established by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles:

DMV Points 2015

Points are active for 18 months after which the points expire. It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? But, not so fast. The following penalties may also apply.

  • Increase in automobile insurance premiums
  • Driver Improvement Assessment. Accumulating 6 points within 18 months will result in an assessment from Motor Vehicle of $100 per year for three years, plus an additional $25 per year for every point over 6
  • Impact on Employment. Many employers require a clean license as a condition of employment, for either new hires, or as a condition of continued employment.
  • Potential Loss of Driving Privileges. Receiving 11 points within 18 months can result in the suspension of your driver license. Accumulation of 20 points in a lifetime (25 years) can result in a permanent revocation of a driver license.

You should get an attorney experienced in traffic ticket defense who will advise you about the possible consequences of a conviction for a traffic violation.

A thought may go through your mind that you should plead guilty, which in many cases can be done through the mail, and get it over with it. DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY. That could be a serious mistake. You need a lawyer who can get you the best possible result. You don’t want to lose your driver license.

Call for a free case evaluation. Remember, it’s MORE than JUST a TRAFFIC TICKET.

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