It is NEVER Just a Traffic Ticket

Conviction for a traffic ticket can result in a fine, surcharge, driving points, license suspension, and even a jail sentence. You may see increased insurance premiums, or a monetary driver improvement assessment. A traffic ticket can result in the loss of a job, and loss of time to appear in court.

Traffic Ticket

Fines: Depending on the charge, the fine can be in the hundreds of dollars.

Surcharge: In addition to the fine, the assessment can be $85; $55 for equipment violations.

Points: Moving violations can add as many as 11 points to your license.

License Suspension: DMV regulations require a license suspension if a motorist accumulates more than 11 points in an 18 month period.

Increased Insurance Premiums: Many insurance carriers will add a surcharge to premiums for conviction of a moving violation.

Monetary Driver Improvement Assessment: DMV regulations assess a fee of $100 a year for 6 points within 18 months, plus an additional $25 a year for each point over 6 points.

Possible Jail Sentence: Although rarely imposed, many violations carry a possible sentence in the county jail.

Possible Effect on Employment: Many employers require that an applicant have a clean driving record, or make it a condition for keeping a job.

Criminal Record: Some charges, such as reckless driving and driving with a suspended license, are actually classified as a misdemeanor or a felony which are criminal convictions.

Court Appearances: Although in many cases, a plea of not guilty can be entered by mail, eventually the motorist will be required to take time off from work or other activities to appear in court.

I am an experienced traffic attorney who will work with the court and prosecutor to minimize the adverse effects of your traffic ticket. In most cases, I can eliminate the need for you to personally appear in court.

Call for a free case evaluation. Remember, it is NEVER just a traffic ticket.

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