Vehicle and Traffic Ticket Defense

If you receive a traffic ticket for driving with a suspended license, speeding, or other traffic violations, you need the prompt intervention of a competent lawyer who has the background and experience to minimize the negative impact this arrest can have on the rest of your life. I am an experienced traffic attorney who can communicate with the prosecutor on your behalf to ask for a reduction in the charges.

My experience in the vehicle and traffic field spans a period of 50 years, and includes 20 years with the New York State Police, and a 7 year term as City Court Judge in the City of Mechanicville.

As a former New York State Trooper, I know how a police officer works and thinks. I spent many years patrolling the upstate roads and highways here in the capital region. My background and firsthand knowledge of the traffic stop and arrest process gives me a unique advantage as a traffic defense attorney.

As a retired City Court Judge, I am intimately familiar with all aspects of the court from the arraignment to the trial and sentencing. Entrust me with your legal problems and you will have the benefit of my 50 years of experience in the vehicle and traffic field. It is to your advantage to have a lawyer who knows the law from so many sides.

DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY by mail or in person, because by doing that you will waive your rights to a trial and the right to an attorney. You should be aware that a plea of not guilty in person or by mail will result in a hearing or trial being scheduled. If you plead not guilty you do retain your right to have an attorney.

Call me for an personal evaluation of your problem. I have been successfully defending motorists for traffic violations in upstate New York for over 25 years.

In most cases my appearance on your behalf will eliminate the need for you to appear in court.

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