Points for Moving Violations

Driver improvement points are specified in the law. The court has no option since the points are imposed by the DMV. A motorist may accumulate no more than 11 points in an 18 month period before DMV will take administrative action against the motorist’s license. DMV points can only be saved by pleading to a reduced charge which carries fewer points. An attorney is usually required for a negotiated plea. Note: many insurance companies will increase a motorist’s automobile insurance premiums if they accumulate too many points for various violations such as speeding.

Speed Driving

A person who accumulates 6 points in 18 months will be charged an additional $100 fee per year for 3 years by the DMV, plus $25 for each point in excess of 6. Completion of the defensive driving school will remove up to 4 DMV points, but will have no effect on the driver improvement assessment.

Speeding (mph over posted limit)1 to 103
 11 to 204
 21 to 306
 31 to 408
 More than 4011
Reckless Driving5
Failure to stop for a School Bus5
Following too closely (tailgating)4
Inadequate Brakes4
(while driving employer’s vehicle)2
Failing to Yield Right-Of-Way3
Violation Involving Traffic Signal, Yield or Stop Sign3
Railroad Crossing Violation3
Improper Passing or Lane Use3
Leaving scene of an incident involving property damage or injury to an animal3
Safety restraint violation involving person under 163
Any other moving violation2

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